Alicey and Phil

Hi, we're Alicey and Phil and welcome to our page on The Phoenix.

We are a couple from the Netherlands and live in a village called Vught in the south of the country. We have been married since February, 2002 with Phil being born in 1966 and Alicey in 1975.

We have both been very interested in music of all kinds since our youth; Alicey's favourite artists include Bobby Vinton, Whitney Houston, Gloria Estefan, Abba and some from the Netherlands like Pussycat, BZN, Piet Veerman (from the cats) and Koos Alberts. Phil's favourite period in pop music is from about 1975 till around 1980; he sometimes loves to listen to folk music from several different countries too.

We share some hobbies - we both love to go swimming and do this every week; we both love cooking and eating delicious food. This does not mean though that we are experts in exclusive recipes. Phil specifically likes to discover dishes from different countries and he can usually manage to do this as we love travlling and visiting our friends and family.

Phil plays accordion sometimes and Alicey loves to sing. We both used to be part of a hobby band but, unfortunately, we split up after a couple of years. We found that playing music ourselves was not our real passion. Listening to music and sharing the delight of it with others, though, gives us a feeling of joy. We want to share this joy with you as a listener in our show.

we used to be presenters on another radio station for more than a year and Being part of The Phoenix family now is wonderful, exciting and inspiring for both of us.


Contacting Us

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