Chris West

Hi, I'm Chris and welcome to my page on The Phoenix.

A child of the nineties in a regional Aussie town, I grew up on a musical diet of classic country, traditional folk melodies and ancient hymns. Radio was always in my blood, observing my heroes of the microphone and compiling hours of highlights cassettes were how I spent a lot of my loner childhood. Now in my twenties, a student of communications hoping to eventually be paid for the privilege of working in radio, I spend as much time as possible listening to all the music my ears can hear. With a head full of useless trivia, a heart full of pretty melody and an ear for all types of music, hopefully, I'll bring a brand of radio that is quite simply, the show I would love to hear. I don’t want to listen to the radio to hear what I know, I wanna be challenged, stretched, introduced to something new every day! There are so many lovely artists out there that nobody notices, I want to be a vehicle for them!

When I'm not searching for my next favourite voice, guitar, melody or lyricist, I'm a lover of test cricket, football and whatever other sport happens to be on. Science fiction, some fantasy and mystery novels occupy my reading rack and I am glad to be a Christian.

I hope when you listen to my shows you will hear something you didn’t know you loved, be inspired by beauty, possibly have your brain melted by the weird and wonderful, and above all have an amazing time.


  • I am currently taking a break from bringing you a regular show but will be back soon

Contacting Me

Listener interaction is what really makes the shows work, so please contact me during the shows with requests for whatever you fancy hearing, any comments about the music or just to let me know you are listening. You can either: