Thomas Mandt

Hi, I'm Thomas and welcome to my page on The Phoenix.

I am in my fifties and I live in the southern part of Germany. I started on the radio some 25 years ago and my first time on air was with a radio station in Belgium. I did a show on Saturday nights from 11PM to 5AM next morning. I played mostly 70s and 80s music on this show and I worked for the station for about one and a half years.

Later, when I moved back to my home town, I stopped radio presenting for a while but still did some voice work (jingles, commercials, promos etc) so that I didn't lose touch with radio completely.

Shortly after I moved down here to Nuremberg, I started working for a local FM station as a presenter, hosting the afternoon drive time show. At the end of my first year, I also became assistant manager with the director of the station. The following year, I also started working as a coach for press law, computer editing, presentation addition, I became responsible for the station branding. After the management of the station changed, they dispensed with about 15 people and I was one of them! I worked for them for a little more then five years.

Later I became involved in internet radio for UK-, US- an German-based stations. Currently, I am back with my local FM station as a coach, presenting seminars and workshops every three months or so. Also, with the help of my editor, I am writing my first novel. It is a mystery love story!

O, and not to forget, from 2014 to 2016 I lived in Florida.

When I am not behind the mic, I love going out with friends, having fun, enjoying good food and love to travel. For my daytime job, I work for the public service in computer support for vision impaired and blind co-workers.


  • I'm taking a short break from live shows but will be back soon.

Contacting Me

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