Hi, I'm Shon, and welcome to my page on The Phoenix.

I'm a Kiwi, born and bred, which basically means I'm from New Zealand. I haven't always lived here, having spent a wonderful seven years in Australia. But now, I'm back, and the accent is stronger than ever... Or so I'm told.

I love music of all genres. My personal playlist has everything from Glenn Miller to Metallica, with quite a large dose of classical sprinkled through.

I am a voracious reader and lover of words and often coin my own terms or phrases for things. I love to entertain and get great enjoyment from cooking for friends and family - though unfortunately, my family prefers plain old meat and three veg to something more exotic. That's ok, more for me I guess! And let's not forget the ice cream and dessert.


Contacting Me

Feel free to get in touch before, during or after either of my shows with your requestions, suggestions, banter and general awesomeness: