@Work Mix with Alicey and Phil

All about the @Work Mix.

On Thursdays from 9:00 AM until 11:00 AM we will bring you a show called the @Work Mix. We will be playing music that stimulates and inspires you while you are working, whether in your job, house keeping at home, in the garden or anywhere else with any kind of work at all! We believe that listening to music and enjoying the entertainment with it, makes even the most boring work easy and pleasant, and it will help time to fly by.

You can expect many different genres of music, as long as it's on the powerful side. We have a wide music collection and we'll be happy to play you oldies as well as music which is a little more modern and even some of today's favourites. This will include music from Dutch artists or from other European countries and even sometimes songs in foreign languages!

We have two special features in our show:

  • The Coffee Corner - in this section we will be playing four ballad or easy songs to give you the chance to have a coffee break. It'll split the two-hour show in half.
  • The Energy Top 3 - we would like you to interact by sending us your current top three favourite songs via the contact details below. Please let us know the order you want them to be played in or, if that doesn't matter, we will just choose. We will play only one top 3 each week but don't worry, if your list doesn't come in this week, it will be played the next or another, we won't forget about you.

Your requests are always welcome so please send them in!

Contacting Us

Feel free to get in touch before, during or after our show:

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