Coffee and Lunch with Alicey and Phil

All about Coffee and Lunch.

On Thursdays from 10 AM until 1 PM we will bring you Coffee and Lunch. We will be playing a mixed variety of music and we will keep you company with some social chat about coffee, tips for lunch and lots and lots of other subjects. Hopefully, we will make time go faster for you on a long Thursday - especially when you take part in the choice of music by letting us know your song requests; by taking part in the chat, to let us know how your coffee and lunch are going or giving us your point of view on certain things, such as musical taste, preferences on food or drink or your favourite way to spend your leisure time.

We have a wide music collection and we'll be happy to play you oldies as well as music a little more modern and even some of today's stuff. This also includes music from Dutch artists or from other European countries and even, sometimes, songs in foreign languages.

We have some special features in our show, for example:

  • The Coffee Corner - somewhere in the first hour, we will be playing ballads or easy songs for about 15 or 20 minutes - to make it sound like a nice and cosy coffee break.
  • "Undercover" - in the netherlands, there are many very talented songwriters and other musicians who perform their own songs. But some of these artists have another talent as well...creating cover versions of well-known songs but with new lyrics in the Dutch language. Some of these covers are serious and good, some are just funny or just catchy tunes. In our "Undercover" feature, we will play you a Dutch cover version of a song and we ask you to try and guess what the title of the original song is and maybe the original artist or, at least, an artist or band that, according to your knowledge, performed it in English.

We may also have some other features in store for you where we ask you to get involved.

We will be with you for three hours so we'd love your interaction. Listeners' requests are always welcome in our show so feel free to ask us to play any song you would like to hear.

Contacting Us

Feel free to get in touch before, during or after our show:

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