The Tripwire with Chris West

All about The Tripwire (Music You Don't Know Is There!).

You just never know what you might find in the vast and diverse landscape of music in the 21st century! Let me be your guide for three hours every Tuesday as you trip over the music you don't know is there. Whether its thoughtful country, pretty folk, warped electronica or pop with just enough cheese on top, from grand guitars to soaring synths, lovely ladies to grumbling guys and everything in between. This is the show where we find the pioneers of the present, with the ideals of the past, producing music for the future. I'm constantly on a mission to find the best new talent, from any point of the globe and I'll take you through all terrains to open your mind and show you music you will hopefully enjoy. Featuring recently discovered artists and the best albums of the week, every show will be fresh and that bit different, but always keeping up the quality content and passionate delivery.

Do you know a new or unknown talent that you'd like to be featured? I am waiting to hear from you!! Get in touch via the contact details below any time and I'll certainly give your people a listen!

What are you waiting for? be a part of the musical community and come and discover your new favourite song on the Tripwire every Tuesday at 10 am in the UK (Check the schedule for your own timezone). Its the music you don't know is there.

Contacting Me

Listener interaction is what really makes the shows work, so please contact me during the shows with requests for whatever you fancy hearing, any comments about the music or just to let me know you are listening. You can either:

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