The Eclectic Express with Caity and Sam

All about The Eclectic Express.

Welcome aboard The Eclectic Express where, each Thursday from 11 Am till 1 Pm in the UK, we'll take you on a musical journey from 60s rock to the chart hits of today. You can expect to hear anything from the Beatles to Bruno Mars. We also have several regular features including:

  • The Loony Bin - where we take all the songs you can't stand and turf them in the trash;
  • The Curveball - it might be a cover of a well-known song, or something completely from left field;
  • What's New In The Zoo - where we'll showcase a new music release and ask you, the listeners, whether it'll be the next big thing or the next big flop;
  • The Novelty Number - you just never know what we'll play next;
  • A Random Review - it might be a book, an app, a movie or a gadget. Stay tuned to find out;
  • A Cappella Adventures - who'd have thought there would be so much cool music using only the human voice? and
  • Aussie Antics - where we'll explore the bizarre news items of the week.

Contacting Us

If you'd like to contact us to suggest items to be included in the above features, or if you'd just like to make a request, you can either:

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