Not the Old and Mouldies With Shon

All about Not The Old And Mouldies (NOM).

What do you normally think of when you see or hear the word NOM? For many of us, it cunjures up thoughts of eating delicious food. Or perhaps a little Pac Man chomping through dots and being chased by ghosts... No? Hmmm, must be just me then. And while there is usually a fair amount of talk on the show about food, that's not primarily what this particular two hours of craziness is about. Although you'd be forgiven for thinking so at times.

NOM is short for Not The Old and Mouldies. It's a show celebrating all the awesomeness of the 80s, 90s, Naughties and Now and is hosted by Shon, all the way from beautiful New Zealand. She even has the accent to prove it!

The NOM airs every Saturday at midnight UK time. I know it's late, I know you're weary. But I know your plans will regularly include the NOM, and we promise you, it'll be worth every second!

Some of the nomelicious features you can expect to hear are:

  • Shon's Early Morning Jukebox: There are many unusual songs lurking in shon's head. Find out which one she woke up with this morning.
  • Play It Strange: Something a little unexpected from the Interweb. It could be anything from a cover song played on an interesting instrument, to a song with mind-bending lyrics and everything in between. Anything is possible here.
  • Remix-A-Lot: Sometimes, the remixes are actually better. We play the original and a remix side-by-side and let you be the judge.
  • Say What? Songs with misheard or unintelligible lyrics.
  • Noobie of the Week: New to Shon or new to you. A recent discovery from the archives or the charts.

The NOM is very spontaneous and can go in some rather unexpected directions, especially with your help. We love your participation. If not for you, the show wouldn't be the random place it is. You can suggest a song for a feature, and there is always plenty of room for your requestions, suggestions, general banter and awesomeness.

So tune in, turn it up, take five and join Shon, the Nomelicious Hostess herself as we jump head first into the NOM every Saturday from Midnight UK. Pumpkins (and Pac Men) are more than welcome!

Contacting Me

Feel free to get in touch before, during or after my show with your requestions, suggestions, banter and general awesomeness:

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